Would you like to get super trendy married in 2022? Read how here!

2022 already promises to be the busiest wedding year of all time. Finally, we can celebrate again! From now on, parties will be big again, to which all friends and family will be invited. Moreover, it also seems that couples who got married in 2021 want to organize their big party this year. Fantastic news for the industry! So will you be giving your vows next year? Then read about the hippest trends for 2022 here!

  • How do I make my location and decorations totally trendy?
  • What are the latest trends in wedding dresses?
  • What did we pick up from last corona year?

How to make my location and decoration totally trendy, 5 tips!

1. Flowers

A trend, super timeless, yet a little different every year are the flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Both the tables and the location of the ceremony are full of flowers. In 2022 there will also be a lot of greenery and plants. Chairs, banisters, and tables will be surrounded by green branches and plants In addition, bridal bouquets are also more and more composed with dried flowers. It may sound strange, but it looks special, plus florists are already used to the trend and are already very creative and advanced in making bridal bouquets with dried flowers.

2. Party outdoors

Nature and the outdoors have become a new form of living, enjoying and relaxing for many people in the past year. This will also be reflected in our wedding celebrations. People are celebrating much more outdoors, although the guarantee of good weather is not always assured. We can already make good provision for this, but a truly sun-drenched wedding party can only be abroad. Thus, wedding parties are more often celebrated abroad such as Italy, France or Spain.

3. Mood lighting

Make your party as magical as possible. At the weddings of 2022, a lot of mood lighting is put up. Especially if the party is hosted outside, mood lighting is super practical. This can range from very romantic lights in the sky to a quote on the wall in neon light. The lights can be incorporated into chandeliers, candles, lampshades, and so on. The neon lights are used as a personal touch, designation of the bar or joke.

4. Theme color rust

The ultimate decoration color for weddings in 2022 is rust. The color rust is no longer seen as an autumnal color and will return in both clothing and decoration. Classic white and pastel colors are replaced by warm bright colors, with rust at the center.

 5. Personal touch

To give your party a personal and spontaneous touch, disposable Polaroid cameras are handed out at weddings. This allows guests to take their own spontaneous pictures. They can then take them home after the party, or you can collect them and already hang them up at the party to take home later as a souvenir of your wedding. Very nostalgic and above all a memento for life!

What are the latest trends in bridal wear and jewelry? 3x Yess to the dress !

For the wedding dresses of 2022, there are three trends. A deep V-neckline, an off-shoulder neckline and spaghetti straps.

1. A deep V-neckline

The deep V-neckline was already a trend last year, but in 2022 necklines are even deeper and therefore even sexier. A wedding dress with a V-neckline makes you look taller and flatters your upper body. It looks great on many women regardless of posture or size.

2. An off-shoulder neckline

The off-shoulder wedding dress is a wedding dress with bare shoulders and sleeves. These dresses can be made with short, three-quarter or long sleeves. So, an off-shoulder wedding dress can be worn every season for your wedding. Since the shoulders are bare, it highlights your collarbones very nicely. So an off-shoulder wedding dress is just as sexy as a dress with a cleavage.

3. A wedding dress with spaghetti straps

Another trend among the wedding dresses of 2022 is the nineties trend of spaghetti straps. This trend is a little softer but still very sexy. Moreover, it fits every woman and every dress. Spaghetti straps will complete both an extravagant princess-like dress and a simple plain fitting one!

Trends we carry with us from the corona year

Digital invitations

If we learned anything in the lockdown it is working digitally. Weddings are also using these new skills. For example, it is a new trend to make invitations online using a website, online R.S.V.P., or an email. This has evolved not only because of the pandemic. People have also started living much more environmentally consciously than they used to. A digital invitation is not only environmentally friendly, it also saves a lot of money. Still, the classic paper invitations have certainly not completely disappeared. Be aware, however, that digital invitations are not accessible to everyone. The older generation still knows little about the Internet.

Micro Weddings

During corona, all couples who wanted to get married in 2021 were looking for an alternative for their wedding party. Many cursed the measures and were forced to marry in intimate settings. Still, some couples are fans of the micro weddings and are retaining the concept. A small and modest party of 30 to 50 people can be very intimate and relaxed. With a small guest list, you do not have to be constantly trying to see or talk to everyone. The ceremony can be more personal, but also the party is more intimate. In addition, a smaller party also saves a lot of money. Or you can offer more and pamper your guests. All new trends that will continue and expand in 2022.

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