Getting married abroad

Do you also dream of having your wedding party on a sunny day? Then getting married abroad might be just the thing for you!

Getting married in the open air is very popular these days. Unfortunately, in Belgium you can never be sure of good weather. Moving to more southern destinations, such as getting married abroad, may be the ideal solution. Besides, getting married abroad can already mean the start of a wonderful and, above all, romantic honeymoon.

  • If I marry abroad, am I getting married legally?
  • 3 magical regions for the perfect wedding abroad
  • Is it necessary to use a wedding planner when getting married abroad?

If I marry abroad, am I getting married legally?

The Belgian government information and services portal, states that a marriage performed abroad is only valid in Belgium if you meet the Belgian legal requirements to get married and if the marriage is performed according to the forms that are customary in the country concerned. As a foreigner, the marriage conditions of the country of which you are a national always apply.

 3 magically romantic regions for the perfect wedding abroad

Feeling all excited at the thought of a wedding celebration abroad? Then be sure to get married under the Spanish, Italian or French sun!

 Wedding party in Ibiza


A wedding party on the trendy island of Ibiza requires a lot of planning in advance. It is not so easy to get legally married in Spain. Therefore, you should start preparing for your wedding well in advance and enlist the help of a wedding planner (who speaks the language) or a legal service, such as the embassy. Above all, do not let this put you off! Getting married in Ibiza is more than worth the effort!

In Ibiza, you can get married very extravagantly or minimally. Contrary to popular belief, a wedding in Ibiza does not always has to be very expensive. You can also go for the blissful, carefree bohemian beach vibe. Where the sunset, whitewashed churches, delicious food and an intimate circle make for an unforgettable unique moment Of course, you could get married in Ibiza in a very extravagant way as well.  Locations such as a club, beach bar, or luxury villa can make you feel like a true VIP at your wedding party. To complete this high-end wedding, you can hire a top DJ with the perfect Ibiza playlist!

A wedding in beautiful Tuscany


Are you as in love as Romeo and Juliet? Then getting married in Tuscany is the perfect setting for the most romantic wedding abroad. In Tuscany, you can enjoy a beautiful coastline, historic villages and many hilly areas with vineyards. How wonderful would it be to ride a vespa to the church? Or how can you spoil your closest friends and family more than with an elaborate antipasto buffet rich in mozzarella, olives and bruschetta’s, followed by delicious homemade pizza or pasta. Not to mention the delicious wines such as Chianti and Montepulciano. In short, Tuscany is the perfect location for a lovely dolce vita wedding celebration!

Wedding in Provence


Saying yes to each other on a beautiful French estate, what more could you want? France is only a few hours’ drive from Belgium. Your guests can therefore easily travel to your top location in Provence. Start your “belle histoire” between the vineyards, olive trees, beautiful castles and authentic estates. In the Provence you can spoil your guests with delicious cheese, wine and a magical sun-drenched evening.

Why using a wedding planner is a good idea when having a foreign wedding party

Hiring a wedding planner to organize your wedding party is convenient anyway, but not necessary. It’s a bit different for a foreign wedding. In a foreign country, different laws apply, people speak a different language, and you probably don’t know the right addresses. A wedding planner does! They likely know the best address for your wedding cake, bridal bouquet and the location. In addition, they can easily take care of legal matters, such as making the marriage legally valid.