When to propose to my loved one?

When planning a marriage proposal, you probably ask yourself when is the right time? Are you ready for it? And if so, when is the best time to ask? In this article we would like to give you an answer to all these questions!

  • When is it time for your relationship to take the next step?
  • How do you know if your partner is ready?
  • When is the best time to propose?

When is the time right?

Do not focus too much on the right moment in your relationship. Every relationship is different and so the ‘right’ moment may be after two years for one couple and after twelve for another. Most of the time, you will feel if you and especially your relationship is ready for the next step. The most important thing is that you know each other well and love each other. You don’t have to know everything about each other, but still be aware of each other’s dreams and plan a future together.


Is my partner ready?

If you have doubts whether your partner is ready for a proposal, you can certainly ask him or her. Talking about the future together is a crucial step before getting married. If you discuss the plans together and are on the same page with each other as main characters, you can assume that your partner thinks the same way as you. Has your partner not yet had his/her cards looked at? Then please no panic. It is not immediately certain that your partner does not like it.

If necessary, get permission from your partner’s father or parents. Have a conversation with the family about your plans. You will soon know from their reaction whether it is a good idea to ask your partner to marry you or not.

When do I ask?

Once you have decided to propose, the next “when question” follows. When is the right time to propose?

It is important to choose your moment carefully. But do not wait too long. You will become nervous, which can make your partner suspicious. In this way, you may lose the surprise effect, or you may argue because you give the impression of hiding something. This could be harmful to your relationship. We advise you to just go for it as soon as you are well prepared. Just follow your heart!

Do you want to make special occasions even more beautiful? Then perhaps your proposal can take place at another celebration, such as a birthday, Christmas, while traveling or during another wedding. Do not worry, a proposal on a normal weekday evening can be just as romantic and special.

Then all that remains is to plan a party. An engagement party or a few days away will allow you to celebrate the engagement and keep you on the pink cloud for a while.

Are these answers not enough for you yet? Would you like to know more about where, how and when to organize a proposal? Then be sure to read the engagement blog ReadyToAsk!